Collaborating with Kitchen Feminism: Not Enough Cubicles Here

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Starting from the observations of writers that women's roles have been in some ways rolled back to the expectations of an earlier era due to the effects of pandemic lockdowns and school closures, the Kitchen Feminism project asked a diverse group of women to reflect on the ways they perceived their own lives to have been sent back in time by the pandemic: Mom I need this space for my zoom meeting! From the Kitchen Feminism Project, courtesy producer Dawn Van de Schoot, photographer Shannon Smith and stylists Nicole Does Makeup. Below are sketches of some of my ideas for this collaborative project which brings the individual stories of women’s experiences of Covid-19 to life in a series of photographs and short videos produced by Dawn van de Schoot. My…
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Art of Home Studio/Office & Pandemic Dressing

Covid-19 Art, Working Artist
Covid 19 #12 Original Ink Drawing, 299 Fashion is a little off my normal range of topics, but I will let you in on a little secret: I have always enjoyed fashion and style. Expressing myself through fashion is another avenue for creativity. When I was a teen deciding what I wanted my life's work to be I even considered entering the fashion industry. Now I mainly enjoy learning about new systems of dressing, following what is coming across the runways, planning my seasonal wardrobe switch and helping friends and family organize their wardrobes. So it was lovely to read this article where I found an intersection between this interest and my own current work (above). I was reading this article from the Gaurdian today about how fashion is adjusting…
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Covid Chronicles Shop Update:

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The prints on offer during the July Pre-sale Hi all! So in July I let you all know in a blog post that not all of the Covid Chronicles products being offered on pre-sale would be on offer after the pre-sale. The pre-sale might have been the only opportunity to purchase some items. So following from that, a few items (greeting and post cards, some of the print images) offered then will not be offered for sale again in the near future. Kudos to you if you did manage to scoop an item not currently on offer, and thank you all for your support of art and artists! The Covid Chronicles Hardcover Book: 99 CAD + Shipping Covid Chronicles Zines: 29 CAD each + shippingCovid Chronicles Portfolios: 15 CAD each…
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Fresh Art: A Covid 19 Memento Mori

Covid-19 Art, The Story Behind the Painting, What's the Big Idea?
Happy Birthday, 2020.12" x 16", Oil & acrylic on canvas A Memento Mori is an object or image which serves to remind the viewer of the inevitability of death. Historically speaking the intent of the Memento Mori was to advise the viewer to forsake temporal pleasures and attend to the spiritual life which theoretically transcended death.  For myself, the Memento Mori reminds me to appreciate the gifts of life, as life is fleeting and an after-life is far from certain. The bee in this painting is a stand in for me. My name, Debbie.lee, means bee, according to some interpretations. I painted this memento mori to celebrate my birthday and the completion of another cycle around the sun. The incorporation of the Covid-19 virus in the floral decoration on the plate…
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Limited Edition 100: means I won’t produce more than that (I may produce less, or none).

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The pre-order period for the most recent Covid-19 images is nearly up, 9 days (July 19th) until it closes. Now is the time to add to your collection. All people ordering before July 19th will receive a free 11"x17" portfolio of the final 19 drawings. So that's a great reason to purchase your drawing, print, book, zine or cards now. After the pre-sale that portfolio will be 15$ plus shipping, while quantities last. I mean, you can wait until whenever to try to order some of the print pieces, some will be available, but some will not. If there are no orders of the object of your desire during the pre-sale then I won't produce it (unless you want one of the original drawings, in which case when it's SOLD,…
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Virtual Exhibitions

Covid-19 Art, Events & Announcements, Working Artist
So Covid-19 #9 has been included in a virtual exhibition, the Covid-19 Artwork Showcase, presented in conjunction with Fortune Live Media's Health Brainstorm Virtual Event which opens tomorrow and runs for three days. I think it sounds pretty cool to be part of an exhibition of international artwork & artists put on by a major media force like Fortune Magazine's live media branch. In addition to this event, I've also been invited to contribute work to virtual exhibitions and archives including the Women's Art Museum of Canada, the Immortal Artist's Pandemic Archive Project, a residency project organized by artist Pamela Moon, Life As We Know It: 2 Meters Apart, and to various institutions actively soliciting archive material documenting the pandemic. The question is, without the personal interaction of hanging the…
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Pre-sale is Open!

Art Sales, Covid-19 Art, Events & Announcements June 28th to July 19th.Originals Drawings and Limited Edition Prints.Zine's, greeting and post card sets and a 12 x 12 book of the complete series of drawings.All purchases made during the pre-sale will receive a free 11 x 17 portfolio of the second set of Covid-19 drawings. 1 per customer.Visit the page, and then visit again, I'll be updating product photos as the pre-sale goes forward.Cheers! All purchases made during the pre-sale will receive a free 11 x 17 portfolio of the second set of Covid-19 drawings. 1 per customer.
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Covid-19 Sketchbook Tour 2

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It has been over a month since my last blog post and even while the world whirs on with Covid-19 and police brutality protests I have been playing studio catch-up and still don't feel like I have had time to catch my breath. So I am really happy that I finally got the second sketchbook tour together for you and uploaded this week. I think you will find some of the images a bit darker, maybe a bit resigned to the craziness that is the human response to a crisis of this nature. Others are clearly looking forward to sunny summer days ahead. Please enjoy! Below you can see the final four drawings in the second series of Covid-19 drawings, which I completed on May 18th (a full 3…
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Studio Life & Covid-19 Part 7

Art Sales, Covid-19 Art, Sketchbooks, The Story Behind the Painting, The Sunflower Project, What's the Big Idea?
As social (physical) distancing drags on people are dreaming of getting their lives back. I have three more drawings in the Covid-19 series, this first is inspired by a study which surveyed how the pandemic was manifesting in peoples dreams. The second is about the realities of parents, grandparents and volunteer caregivers who are now juggling the responsibilities of full time child care and full time remote work. It is a blessing of communications technology that many are able to do this and maintain income security. Some telecommuters are able to help family members who are considered front line essential services, but without child care, to maintain their income security by pulling double duty. However it needs to be recognized that of necessity neither job is going to get the…
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Studio Life & Covid-19 Part 6

Art Sales, Covid-19 Art, Sketchbooks, The Story Behind the Painting, The Sunflower Project, What's the Big Idea?, Working Artist, Youtube Channel
So I feel like we have settled into a little routine or a new normal, as they are saying now, although we are all looking forward to (if not quite certain about) plans to ease restrictions and re-open businesses. There was a lot of questions about herd immunity, and whether this can be relied upon to protect us as we start going out in public again. How many would need to be immune and how long does immunity last? My thoughts are that if you are in a high risk category you should probably play it safe for a while yet, while if you are healthy you can probably have a little more faith in the ability of the medical system to take care of you should your case be…
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