Collaborating with Kitchen Feminism: Not Enough Cubicles Here

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Starting from the observations of writers that women's roles have been in some ways rolled back to the expectations of an earlier era due to the effects of pandemic lockdowns and school closures, the Kitchen Feminism project asked a diverse group of women to reflect on the ways they perceived their own lives to have been sent back in time by the pandemic: Mom I need this space for my zoom meeting! From the Kitchen Feminism Project, courtesy producer Dawn Van de Schoot, photographer Shannon Smith and stylists Nicole Does Makeup. Below are sketches of some of my ideas for this collaborative project which brings the individual stories of women’s experiences of Covid-19 to life in a series of photographs and short videos produced by Dawn van de Schoot. My…
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Cravings: My New WebGallery

Events & Announcements, Introduction
Detail of Happy Birthday, 2020 I realize that Covid-19 Has taken over the world, and certainly my practice of the last few months with the Covid Chronicles and the related attention that that has brought to my studio. However, earlier this year I blogged about discovering a new /growing fascination in my work when I realized I had been painting a lot of food for the past few years. So I decided to make it formal and introduce a new gallery section to my website. Cravings will showcase all of my food related paintings, wherever they might fit in to my other themes and bodies of work. Check it out, watch it grow, & shoot me an email and let me know what you think! Saskatoon Berry Jam II
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The One Life Fine Art Studio Youtube Channel is Finally a Thing!

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So January 17th I will be going live with my first public video uploads on the all new One Life Fine Art Studio Channel. Why do I say finally? Well I actually created the channel several years ago to share videos for another project. That project never went anywhere (after much work and investment) so I let the channel lapse while I focused on new projects. However I have wanted to create and share videos about my work and the work of being an artist for a while now. I just haven't had time to plan, schedule, record, edit and upload videos on a regular basis; or so I thought. Turns out I already have a fair bit of footage recorded that I would like to get out there. After…
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Happy New Year! Looking Back and Forward:

100 Rejections, Introduction, The Sunflower Project, Working Artist
I have been setting up my shiny new bullet journal for the new year. Taking time to reflect on the last year and what one would like to do more of in the new year is something everyone should do, regardless of their stance on resolutions. So before setting up calendars and collections pages for the new journal I flipped through the pages of last year's journal looking at what worked and didn't, what I would like to do more of or do differently. Below is a summary of my progress and my art goals for 2020. Transitioning journals for the new year is a perfect time to revisit my art goals. 100 rejections: 2018 was such a busy year that I just needed a bit of a slowdown in…
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New Year, New Blog

Events & Announcements, Introduction, The Story Behind the Painting
Hi all. For my first post of 2018, and my first post in a while, I wanted to start with a recap of the past year, and then introduce a few changes for the next year, specifically involving this blog: I started this blog November 4th of 2016, a little over a year ago. In the past year I have learned that regularly posting articles to a blog in a journalistic fashion is really not for me. When I have the time, I am stretching for things to talk about. When I have a lot going on to talk about, I don't have much time for blogging, or for going through reams of spam searching for legit comments before I write anything. I debated scrapping the blog altogether, however I…
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Behind the Art Introduction

Introduction, The Story Behind the Painting
This section is for fans of my work. Here I will be announcing new pieces,  products, exhibitions, and opportunities to meet me or see the work first hand. As well you will find some of the backstory or thought process behind individual pieces and bodies of work. I might ramble a bit as I work out my thoughts on art history, the value of art to society and vice-a-versa.
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The Art Life: Introduction

Introduction, Working Artist
This post introduces a new category that will be a resource for others involved in the act of emerging as professional artists. Topics will go beyond the act of making art to talk about work and life in the arts. Subjects will be relevant to the business of being an artist, as well as the personal side, including social, mental, financial and physical health. From time to time I may host guest experts here, as well as announce upcoming sessions of Artists on a Mission and How to Be an Artist.
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Learn to Art Introduction

Art Lessons, Introduction
Introducing to a new post category: the Art Lessons category covers further information for art students. It will include tutorials, art history, explain materials and techniques, and announce new and upcoming classes and critiques for registration. As well current students will find information to keep them in the loop on projects, requirements and the status of their upcoming classes.
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