Art of Home Studio/Office & Pandemic Dressing

Covid 19 #12 Original Ink Drawing, 299

Fashion is a little off my normal range of topics, but I will let you in on a little secret: I have always enjoyed fashion and style. Expressing myself through fashion is another avenue for creativity. When I was a teen deciding what I wanted my life’s work to be I even considered entering the fashion industry. Now I mainly enjoy learning about new systems of dressing, following what is coming across the runways, planning my seasonal wardrobe switch and helping friends and family organize their wardrobes. So it was lovely to read this article where I found an intersection between this interest and my own current work (above).

I was reading this article from the Gaurdian today about how fashion is adjusting to the work at home shift that the pandemic has brought along, and apparently it is not all tracksuits and crocs:

I have been working almost exclusively from my home studio since well before the pandemic, but even I have noticed a change in what I want to wear:

I’ve always had a special hate on for overly silly fuzzy house slippers. I’d like to have something for the home office that does not look like I’m down for a netflix/popcorn/P.J. binge, but don’t like the idea of wearing street shoes in the house either. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, with our dusty/slushy/snowy streets, but when I walk in the door I take off my shoes. Now maybe I’ll be able to find something a little more polished to wear in the home office/studio.

This leads to my second issue with home office dressing, pants designed to be worn with shoes with a heel look silly dragging around the house on the ground. So most of those long loose flowy (& leg lengthening) trousers are out of the question. I also used to do home art parties (a cross between tupperware parties and paint nights), and this was an issue for that context particularly, as I was now presenting in front of the client. As I said maybe it’s a Canadian thing but its considered polite here to take off your shoes in someone else’s home (or at least to ask). So how to look professional while leading a painting party in someone’s home? My solution was black ankle pants and plain black socks. A professional looking slip on shoe (maybe even with a wedge heel) with soft non marking soles would have been fantastic!

Speaking of heels, The pandemic has raised my resistance to wearing anything other than a flat shoe even out and about professionally. Also last winter’s uniform of form fitted mini dresses with statement leggings and accessories seems too aggressive for the soft relaxed vibe I’m craving now. This season I’m leaning more toward mid length dresses with an a-line shape that I can belt at the waist for definition. Of course I’m wearing what I have first before shopping, but how I feel about what I have has changed so I may be wearing it differently than last year.

Another issue that the pandemic has brought forth for me is something I hadn’t anticipated. You know that feeling you get when you have put together a particularly good outfit and you are looking forward to getting out in public where it can be appreciated? I suppose you could call it a peacocking impulse. Well I am missing those opportunities to peacock a little. Sure it gives me a boost to dress well for myself, but positive feedback is great too.

How about you? How has your sartorial sensibility changed over the pandemic?

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