Covid-19 Sketchbook Tour 2

It has been over a month since my last blog post and even while the world whirs on with Covid-19 and police brutality protests I have been playing studio catch-up and still don’t feel like I have had time to catch my breath.

So I am really happy that I finally got the second sketchbook tour together for you and uploaded this week. I think you will find some of the images a bit darker, maybe a bit resigned to the craziness that is the human response to a crisis of this nature. Others are clearly looking forward to sunny summer days ahead. Please enjoy!

Below you can see the final four drawings in the second series of Covid-19 drawings, which I completed on May 18th (a full 3 months after I did the first drawing). Covid 19 #35 looks at the rising importance of online shopping and delivery, #36 thinks about how Covid-19 will be integrated into our daily routines as we move forward to economic reopening. #37 is about the state of limbo one lives in while awaiting Covid-19 testing and results. Finally #38, perhaps the most dualistic of the series, explores social anxiety, how people have both fought against the measures taken to slow the disease and have risked spreading the disease in the effort to bring overdue social reforms.

In other news, I wanted to share with you a tasty turn that the project took! I was thrilled to find myself tagged in this video on Instagram from Scott Bradshaw and Seven Ravens Bakehouse. He re-created my drawing Covid-19 # 35 as a cake! I’m sharing the video here for you now, what do you think?

The Covid-19 Shop is back up with originals from the first 19 for Covid 19 available to purchase, as well as limited edition prints of #5, 7, 8 & 9, and the 11 x 17 portfolio of the first 19 images for sale. Check it out now to make a purchase.

Also this month I was approached by Fortune Conferences (of Fortune Magazine) to showcase Covid-19 #9 during their upcoming Virtual Brainstorm Event on Covid-19, healthcare and business. I will have to share with you what happens with that.

Covid-19 #9 at the next Fortune Conferences Brainstorm Event?

In Sunflower Project news, I participated in the Rumble House Soul Auction, where owners Rich & Jess used their weekly (now online) live art auction to raise donations of time, actions and money for good causes (of the donor’s choice), with a special focus on the Black Lives Matter movement. Thanks to this collaboration we are welcoming two new members to the Sunflower Project, with their agreement to share their 1000 gifts with the world.

Coming Soon!

Finally, this week I am working on getting the next pre-sale up for Sunday June 28th on my website. I will be making available for purchase originals and select limited edition prints from the final 19 for Covid 19 series, as seen in the video. I will post the opening announcement when the Pre-sale is ready to open.

Thanks for catching up with me!

The Sunflower Project: 12 Days of Christmas

Tis the season for thinking of others and giving gifts designed to light the darkness, bringing hope for the morrow’s dawn. Here are 12 suggestions that can help you fulfill your promise to share your 1000 gifts with the world. Feel free to start them on December 25th as per tradition, or to start today!

  1. A partridge in a pear tree: Make a donation to your local food bank.
  2. Two Turtle Doves: A little money left on your gift card? Hand it to the person in line behind you.
  3. Three French Hens: Make a batch of chicken bone broth (or vegetable) soup for a sick friend or relative.
  4. Four Calling Birds: Call (not text or email) an elderly relative (or four).
  5. Five Gold Rings: Empty your change pocket into a Salvation Army Bell Ringer’s Kettle.
  6. Six Geese a-laying: Leave change in a candy machine, laundromat, parking meter or grocery cart.
  7. Seven Swans a-swimming: Keep travel smooth sailing for everyone by shovelling a neighbours walk.
  8. Eight Maids a-milking: Pay for the person behind you in the coffee line.
  9. Nine Ladies Dancing: Give your server an extra tip.
  10. Ten Lords a Leaping: Next time you feel yourself leaping to conclusions about someone, give them the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Eleven Pipers Piping: Pipe some frosting on a batch of cookies and drop them off at your neighbours.
  12. Twelve Drummers Drumming: Drum up some business… take some business cards and promote a friends small business, in person or online!