Working with Momentum

After The Rain, 42″ x 42″ Acrylic on Canvas, $4450
Debbie.lee Miszaniec

I was pleased to be able to deliver a custom reproduction of my 2005 painting, After The Rain, to the Momentum offices earlier this fall. They purchased the print for their new offices in the Radisson Heights area of Calgary.

This painting in particular was of interest to their staff as the painting depicts an actual place in Penbrooke Meadows, one of the communities near their offices, and a community I was a resident of for 11 years. It depicts the first sunny day after a solid couple weeks of rain, when everything, even abandoned furniture, expired holiday lights and neglected lawns, appear fresh and beautiful as the sun lends it all sparkle.

I have a good history with Momentum; I obtained a lot of my business skills through their small business training, coaching and mentorship. Their support of small business and entrepreneurship, including us scrappy little boot strapping artists, is a hugely valuable service to the community.

Thank you Momentum for your ongoing support of small business and local artists!