I Painted A Serene Lake Scene On My Garage Door!

Sawmill Lake, 8’x16′, exterior mural on wood garage door, 2022.

Early this summer I painted this exterior mural on the new garage door my husband built and installed last year. It was his idea to do a mural on what looked like a big blank canvas to both of us, and with that sort of faith in my abilities, how could I decline the opportunity right?

The image we chose was from a recent visit to the lake country around my husbands childhood home. This was a small local swim and camping spot walking distance from his home. You can see our grown up kids in the picture, but I opted not to include any figures in the painting.

Neighbourhood response was so positive to this mural that I have decided to open up possible bookings for garage door murals for next summer. Prices would start at $2500 in Calgary. I would only have a few slots available, weather dependant, so if you are interested in getting a mural done, make sure to touch base with me early in the new year to reserve a slot.