Getting the New Western Gallery on to the Website

I have just added a new western art gallery to my website. Included in the gallery is the painting featured in my last post, and I will be talking about some of the others more in depth as we go along. The images are not super high quality yet, the captions are short, and the design does not line up with the other galleries either, but it is there. Adding it required changes to all of the other pages, and will also require further changes, but one could spend all week on updating and never get into the studio! The other side of my new years resolution is spending the afternoon in the studio, so what it is really about is achieving balance between office and studio so I am neither binging on one nor neglecting the other. So, even though it is super difficult to break focus and move to another task, that is it for website stuff today. This afternoon I will be working on a still life painting of fruitcake. In the mean time, take a quick peek at the new gallery, and check back in a week or so to see what has changed, I am sure you will enjoy!