A look back at 2016

This will be my last post for 2016, and my next will be the first for 2017.

In the spirit of endings, this should be the time when I update my CV and take some time to honour the activities of the past year. However, since I am still painting furiously under deadline, I will have to defer that until the new year. Until then, I will just take the time tonight to take a look back at a few of the activities I took part in and will be adding to my CV.

I have quite a few things to be proud of this year: I exhibited a couple paintings in the I Love Inglewood Show at the Edge Gallery, as well as at Parksday and Creekfest in Fish Creek Park. I sold work at the Thickwood Hills Studio Trail in the Shell Lake area, facilitated a collaborative painting project at Confederation Park, taught a plein-air painting workshop in Fish Creek Park, got some great feedback from a critique at the Leighton Centre, donated several art books from my personal library to Wafaa Bilal’s 168:01, attended many art shows and screenings, and conducted numerous Art a la Carte parties.

So I will be thinking about this list over the weekend: what do I want to do more of in the coming year, what I would like to discontinue and what new things I might like to tackle?

For the first post of 2017, I will be posting my New Year’s resolutions for my art work. See you in the New Year!