New Painting: I Only See You

I Only See You, 9″ x 12″, O/C, CAN$550

I recently finished I Only See You, a new oil painting in my Cravings series of still life paintings exploring food obsession. I Only See You focuses on the exclusionary relationship between Pink Pear and Jelly Doughnut as Sisyphus’ warnings of the doomed nature of the task fade into the background.

My inspiration for keeping the composition relatively spare in this painting came, as per Tempting Fruit, from the background colour of Terre Vert and white that I initially laid down. I loved the way colour gave an empty pining feel to the composition, so I chose to emphasize that.

I loved working with this soft complementary colour scheme so much, I think I will be using that again at some point soon in this series, possibly in the upcoming Cupcake/Fragonard paintings.