Boxing Up your Art (metaphorically speaking)

I hope you had a great Boxing Day!

I know at least some of you were out picking up deals, while others were packing away your holiday decorations. Myself I was back in the studio after taking all of the Christmas weekend off for last minute preparations and family fun.

Yes, I still have four paintings to finish in the next week, and I will photograph and share them soon I hope.

In the mean time I was looking for a couple seasonal recent works to share with you, and realized that I have a lot of art that needs to be added to my website. I did not want to share something I don’t currently have a decent photo have and haven’t added to the website galleries yet!

So this brings me to a topic I need to explore. The problem with being a ‘one man band,’ is that one can only do so much by oneself, and there is always some task that is getting neglected; Apparently I have been making lots of art work, but for at least the last year I have not been sharing the work on my website. The problems with this are that it might lead a casual visitor to my site to assume I don’t make much work, and it is also tough to show someone the direction of my recent work if I don’t have it online! So I need to find a way to consistently BOX up my work each DAY -oh my, see how I made that seasonal connection- so that it is ready to go when I need to PRESENT it.

I can set up a schedule to do some administrative tasks each day, or I can find an assistant to help with doing those tasks regularly. Either way, I resolve to undergo a major gallery page update after this upcoming deadline, and then I will look for solutions to my consistency dilemma.