Limited Time/Limited Edition: A Fun Money Holiday Promotion

It’s better than an NFT: you can actually hold it in your hand. Better than cryptocurrency: a truly limited number of coins, less damage to the environment, and again, you can hold it in your hands. What is it? It’s Fun Money: Unwrapped, a limited edition of 10 hand painted signed and numbered sculptures.

And guess what? While valued at 95$ CAD each, this is a numismatic offer you can get in on for free for a limited time only.

For the holiday season, now until January 1st 2022, I am partnering with Abstract Art Canada (whom I introduced you to last month) to give away 1 of the edition of 10 with each purchase of one of my paintings through Abstract Art Canada.

Visit Abstract Art Canada and purchase one of my paintings from the Fun Money collection before January 1st 2022 to receive one of these original sculptures and aids to unwrapping your own feelings about money.