Medium of Exchange Closing Reception Livestream

So I’d love to say the livestream gallery tour and Q&A went off without a hitch however that anyone who managed to catch it would know that was not the case.

While the gallery tested it earlier in the day and it worked at that time, when the actual time of the event was upon us we were not able to stream the event from the gallery page.

This necessitated about a half hour of frantic typing and texting and posting to cancel the scheduled event and create a new one on the galleries programming page and redirect viewers to the new event.

I managed to post redirects for anyone coming to the event through links from my One Life Fine Art page or my personal profile, however I am certain we lost a few people along the way. Such are the trials of the novelty of staging events while dealing with Covid-19.

For anyone who missed it, you can see a recording of the event below: