Tricks & Treats: October Review

Trick or Treat, 12″x16″ o/c, $950

So Halloween is over and we have 2 weeks to see where it takes us in regard to new Covid-19 cases. Trick or Treat is my latest instalment in the Covid Chronicles saga of paintings this year. I was quite anxious about this holiday, it is so hard for us to disappoint the little ones, but no one can be sure who is passing along the Covid Apple in this rendition of a Halloween Snow White fairytale. Is the little old lady giving it to Snow White, or the other way around? Is the child transporting it from one house to another (all unintentionally of course)? It was good to see all of the creative approaches people took to carrying on with Halloween traditions this year, I hope it works out for us all. Trick or Treat is available for purchase. If you are interested in the original or prints definitely get in touch!

This month I put together a few short videos on completed paintings which show the stages through which each painting passed to reach completion. The first of these (above) documents Happy Birthday 2020, my last Covid-19 painting, along with my approach to the genre of Memento Mori painting.

And here are the Treats:

This month I completed three new Cravings paintings, as well as updating the Cravings Gallery with prices and sizes. There are no PayPal buttons yet, so if you are interested in purchasing a painting just pop me an email or fill out my contact form. I’ll get in touch and we can make arrangements.

Each of the paintings introduces its own small narrative along with my intense appreciation of these nostalgic sweets. I enjoy the associations each brings with the past, the present, the future, and the appreciation of the here and now, the moment and being present in our bodies, appreciating each moment life gives us.

Below you can find progression videos of each of the three new cravings paintings. What do you think of them? They are all around a minute long, (so no need to worry about time commitments). Leave me a comment on my channel, I’d love to hear what you have to say.