Lesson 1: Sometimes the only way to begin is to jump in.

I was debating adding a blog to my long standing website. Do I have the know-how, the discipline, do I have anything to say on a regular basis?

As with so many things in life, I could spend a lifetime researching, but in the end it comes down to jumping in and seeing where the river flows.

So I jumped in and installed WordPress, and deleted my entire existing site! Immediately my mind was awash with visions of a marathon stint of website rebuilding that would take precious months out of my schedule.

After the initial flood of dread swept through me, I calmed down as I realized I had safety devices and could get back to shore. I uninstalled, restored and re-uploaded the site from Dreamweaver, created a SEPARATE DIRECTORY for the blog, and then reinstalled WordPress.

Lesson 1 learned.

Next, along with the long list of overdue updates to One Life Fine Art, will be to integrate the blog and the site.

Then we will see where the river goes.

Author: DebbieleeMiszaniec

Canadian visual artist.