The Sunflower Project: New Tools!

It’s been nearly three years since I started the Sunflower Project. In that time some of you have asked me how you can begin to share your 1000 gifts with the world, and how you can keep your efforts fresh. While that depends on your life and what gifts you have that you can freely share, I have come up with a couple tools to help you along your journey. Click on the images below to download and print these tools.

May you share your 1000 gifts with the world, and may those gifts return 1000 fold to you one day!

Sunflower Project Tracker

For those of you that would like to keep track of your efforts to make the world a better place, here is a handy tracker with spaces to jot down the gifts you would like to share with the world. Each sheet has spaces to track 250 actions, so you can print and fill 4 sheets for 1000 gifts.

Sunflower Project Gift Jar

For those of you who would like a fun way to introduce simple acts of kindness and generosity to you 1000 gifts I have created a free printable for this Gift Jar. There are 12 preprinted suggestions for actions as well as 4 blanks for your own ideas. When you are at a loss for a kind act, pull an idea out of the jar and look for an opportunity to implement it. Completed all of them?
You can start over by adding them back to the jar, or fill the jar with all new actions.

Click on the project image above to link to the printable. Then follow the instructions in the gallery below to assemble the Sunflower Project Gift Jar: