Mission Statement

The mission for my blog, is generally to keep a number of groups informed on the various activities of my studio, as well as to provide additional and enriched content to those groups.

Who are those groups your might ask?

At the moment I see them as follows:

Lovely human beings, creative and passionate souls, who are interested generally in creating and or enjoying original art, and specifically are fans of my work. Whether that interest be through purchasing a painting,  finding out about my art background, participating in an art party, learning how to paint, or how to be an artist, or even how to commission an original work of art, you will find information here that will assist or enrich your experience with my art, and with your own creative journey as well.

As I begin blogging more regularly, I will create a category for each of the above groups where you will be able to find news, updates and special content relevant to your interest as a member of one of those groups.

I look forward to sharing these adventures with you!

See you back here soon,

Debbie.lee Miszaniec