Having Patience

It seems as though I am always waiting for things to come to fruition. To hear back from that application, or for that idea to catch on.

Right now I am working on an addition to my sunflower project that has to do with patience and time. A week ago I planted a Sunflower Seed. I decided to document the growth of this seed through its lifespan. I am interested in what happens to the Sunflower Project during the course of the life of a single planted seed.

Right now, I am waiting to see a sign that the seed is even viable. Each of the daily photos has been just black soil. I have no idea if my effort is futile. I must be patient, and wait the requisite time before attempting to plant another seed.

Here I have a little advantage, as the seed packet has guidelines for germination. The benefit of learning from the experience of others.

However, when it comes to creative projects and the entrepreneurial spirit I have found that, quite often, while patience is advised, the advisors are silent on how long one is to be patient, and when having patience has crossed over into flogging a lost cause.

Fortunately, The Sunflower Project showed it’s viability early on, with the first request for a painting coming less than a week after I announced it on social media. The first donation to support the project came in about a month after the project was initiated. Whether the project can become self-supporting remains to be seen.

Like any good gardener, I must continue to nurture it and have patience.