Why commission a painting?

I am not going to give you a lot of practical, solid investment oriented reasons as to why you should commission a work of art for yourself or your ‘organization.’

I could talk about the difference between having a professional trained in translating feelings and thoughts into an aesthetically pleasing visual expression, and an amateur snapping an off the cuff photo and having it ‘blown up.’

I could talk about honouring your subject with a one of a kind highly crafted and durable object.

I could talk about investing in both the status and worth of yourself or your organization, and the subject, through having it recorded in the time honoured manner of the wealthy, the noble and the pious.

But I am not.

Instead, I am going to talk about magic:

The real reason you should commission a painting, in my opinion, is because of the magical way it heightens your feelings about the subject.

The Crone Children
Oil on Canvas
30 x 30
by Debbie.lee Miszaniec


I don’t completely know why, or how, but the act of having a professional artist invest hours, weeks or months, of their time, skill and attention into the interpretation of your thoughts and feelings in relation to the subject (a home, a garden, a pet, a loved one…) seems to imbue the subject with a certain magical quality of stirring emotion, even more than the photo that may have served as reference.

At unveiling, time and again I have witnessed unexpected tears as the individual sees the painting for the first time. Whether it is a gift or for yourself, I think this is what you are looking for when you commission an artwork, that recognition of the magic of feeling, time and attention.

What do you think? Have you commissioned an artwork? Why? What was the reaction to the finished work?