A Gift For YOU: The Sunflower Project

Jessica in her Garden
O/C 48 x 60
Original painting by Debbie.lee Miszaniec

I Have A Gift For You:

Do you love art? 
Do you believe that each of us has not one, but a thousand gifts to give the world? 
Do you love art and believe that art is one of those gifts? 
Then I have a gift for you.

I want to give you a painting.

I want to give you a painting of a sunflower seed.

The sunflower is a dramatic plant:
Tall, strong, visually striking, it is a wonder of life to behold as it grows and tracks the sun through the season.

I recall my sadness, the first time growing them, at the first frost. I wished I could turn the clock back by one day, for the day before they were in their prime, and the next morning their heads were blackened and drooping, never to look up at the sun again.

Life can change just like that.

We seem to be in a time now where we wish we could turn back the clock by one day.

But there is a saving grace:
The sunflower may have only one life for itself, but it carries a thousand seeds, a thousand gifts of itself. Seeds sent out into the world, planted far and wide in supportive soil will grow into new flowers. Seeds hoarded can do no good.

I see so many actions by individuals, giving gifts of themselves to make the world better, whether it be signing a petition, writing a letter, joining a march, making soups for housebound seniors or dolls for hospitalized children. I want to encourage us all to focus on the gifts we have to give, the positive actions we can make, rather than on putting up walls and hoarding what we think we have against those we think are out to take it from us.

So, If you love art, if you believe that we all have a thousand gifts we can give the world, and that we can affirm our lives through giving those gifts, then
I have a gift for you:

Visit The Sunflower Project page on my website to find out how you can receive your gift of a sunflower seed painting!

May it remind you that you too have a thousand gifts to give the world. May you give them, and may your life grow a thousand fold.