Artist’s Statement, Medium of Exchange – Process:

The Artist’s of Medium of Exchange c. 2010:
L-R: Jesica Campbell, Koren Scott, Jessica Hauser, Penny Chase and Debbie.lee Miszaniec

Five women walked into an art school… 

Three straight women, one gay woman and one who says it’s nobody business walked into an art school… 

An agnostic, a Wiccan, a Catholic and two atheists walked into an art school… 

Three settlers, an Inuit and a Metis walked into an art school… 

Five artists of diverse backgrounds walked out of an art school… 

…and had a conversation: 

They called themselves Medium of Exchange. They made work together and apart about topics relevant to them all. Then their lives and professional practices diverged again. After a decade Jesica Campbell, Penny Chase, Jessica Hauser, Debbie.lee Miszaniec and Koren Scott have re-converged for Medium of Exchange: Process

Process is about the process of making art: the process of the development of the artist over time. The individual’s process of art making. The process of creating a dialogue between diverse individuals through art. 

Our History:

We graduated from the AUA (formerly ACAD) fine arts program in 2008 and shortly thereafter formed an informal critique and breakfast group. In 2010 we organized our first show as Medium of Exchange, exploring the idea of Debt as discussed in Margaret Atwood’s book, Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth (2007), from our unique perspectives, but in the medium common to us, visual art.

This history forms another window into the idea of process, as in the process of our evolution as a group, and as individual artists. The question of how each of us processes the ideas Atwood writes about given our unique backgrounds. While you are exploring the rest of the virtual exhibition for Medium of Exchange – Process, I hope you will not miss a peek into that early show here.

Virtual Exhibition Launched!

Gallery View, Medium of Exchange: Process, Alberta Society of Artists’ Gallery, Calgary AB 2021

Medium of Exchange, Process

The culmination of 3 years of work and planning has, even in the face of a global pandemic, come to fruition.

It was a long journey for Jesica Campbell, Penny Chase, Jessica Hauser Koren Scott and myself, with many twists and turns, but there was definitely a sense of great satisfaction as we finished installing the last label for the show last week at the Alberta Society of Artists’ Gallery in Calgary.

The exhibition will run to June 5th. However due to Covid-19 the gallery is currently closed to the public and will remain so until Stage 3 of Alberta’s relaunch plan. We were on the verge of reaching Stage 3 prior to installation and had hoped to be able to have an in person opening reception for friends and family. Since we have moved back to Stage 1 instead, we decided it would be prudent to offer the public the opportunity to see the exhibition virtually so as of April 14th we also launched a website for the exhibition. While we still hope the exhibition can open to the public before closing, and have reserved the 20th of May for a possible closing reception, we hope that you will enjoy the virtual exhibition, leave us comments and subscribe for updates to be notified if/when the show is available for IRL viewing. Click here to be taken to the exhibition website.